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s - has recognised the vegetarian singer's commitment to animal welfare after she reportedly re▓fused to open department store Harrods' winter sale because the shop sells fur.PETA's Europe Director Robbie LeBlanc▓ said: "Leona Lew

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ut▓ it's her kindness to animals that makes her a superstar in our book."Earlier this year, the campaign group crowned the 'Run' singer - who is working on an accessories line of vegan shoes and bags - Sexiest Vegetarian. Lat year's Person of the Year was Sir Paul McCartney's fashion de

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    Stella McCartney.Leona, who hasn't eaten meat since she was 12, has previously said: ▓"I am totally against ani

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    m vegetarian so ▓I don't have clothes, shoes, or bags made from leathe▓r or suede or any animal products. I'm

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    uot;Addicted" elephant heads home after heroin detox cure▓An Asian elephant who became addicted to

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    ing a banana smeared with heroin is headed back to K▓unming after a three-year detoxification program in China's

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    nan Province.The 4-year-old mal▓e elephant, Xiguang, became addicted in March 2005.He was among six elephants lured by animal smugglers alon▓g the Sino-Myanmar border. They used the bananas as

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    animals, which were being brought into China's Dehong Autonomous Prefecture of Dai and Jingpo national▓ities.Police captured the elephants on May 8 that ye▓ar. Xiguang was sent to a wild animal protection center in Hainan three months later, after he was confirmed to ▓be suffering fro

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    ptoms.Rehabilitation experts and vets gave him injections of methadone, at five times human doses, for a year. Xiguang fully r

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    rehabilitation.Xiguang is expected to arrive at the Yunnan Wild Animal Park in the capital city of Kunming on Saturday after a 1,500-km journey home.The Asi▓an elephant is the largest land animal in Asia, wit▓h an estimated 50,000 living in the wild throughout the continent.Sichuan pandas getting used to new home wellThe earthquake seriously damaged parts of the▓ Wolong Giant Pan

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    d Research Center. The aftermath of the disaster continues to pose geological threats to the animals' home. Some pandas were relocated to▓ natural reserves and zoos.This is Tuantuan and Yuanyuan.▓ The pair was selected last year as a gift for

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    坈ouple bravely escaped their cottage at Wolong during the earthquake, and were found by their keepers. They▓ are now being taken care of at the Ya'an Giant Panda B▓reeding Base. Although they lost a few kilograms and were frightened and miserable when they first arrived, i▓t di

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dn't take them long to regain their appetite and their spirit.Huang Yan, Deputy Chief-Engineer of Giant ▓Panda Protection and Research Center said "The staff here are trying to build trust and emotional attachment with the pandas. The psychological treatment is performed in a v▓ery loving way. For example, the keepers put the food on their palm for the pandas to chew, unlik

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ey normally ate by themselves. This is a form of communication between the staff and the animals."T▓he Ya'an Base has become the biggest sanctuary for pandas affected by the quake. So far, 27 have been transferred h▓ere from Wolong. Ya'an has adequate supply of bamboo leaves, so food is not a problem. But the average tempe▓rature here is three to four degrees hotter than Wolong. Air-conditioners are being installed in the pandas' cot▓tages to keep th

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e.Almost ten of ▓the relocated pandas will become mothers in a few weeks t▓ime. They've been receiving extra care as preparations ▓are made for their impending motherhood.In south China'▓s Guangdong Province, five pandas arrived from Sichuan▓ last week. They are getting used to their new home at the Guangzhou Pearl River Wild Animal Park. Their rooms are air-conditioned and

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disinfected every day. T▓he high-profile newcomers are also being watched by anima▓l doctors around the clock.Zhang Delu, General Manager of ▓Pearl River Wild Animal Park said "The pandas are accompanied by our zoo staff and keepers from Sichuan every day and night. Some panda experts and professors will be here ▓to examine their psychological condition in a few days.▓"The park is doing all it can to ensure that the pan▓das are provided with nutritious meals, a comfortable environment and the best care. The animals are yet to

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receive routine health checks. If everything goes well, they'll make a public appearance next week.The Informati▓on Office of the State Council yesterday issued a w▓hite paper titled "China's Policies and Actions for A▓ddressing Climate Change". Following a

re excerpts o▓f the paper:ContentsForewordI. Climate Change and China's S▓ituationII. Impact of Climate Change on ChinaIII. Strategies and Objectives for Addressing Climate ChangeIV▓. Policies and Actions to Decel